New England District

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Special Focus Ministries

Vice President, position vacant –

The Special Focus Ministries encourages sensitivity in women toward those who are hurting and in need.  We provide resources and encouragement to enable knowledgeable and Biblical comfort to themselves and others.

The Special Focus Ministries Committee alerts members to the opportunities and challenges for mission service in the congregation, zone, district and community; it also encourages active participation in and provide materials and suggestions for a mission service program. We work with the LCMS-NED based missionaries with regard to maintaining a list and status. If needed, render courtesy service to incoming and outgoing missionaries and their families.




Young Women Committee: Sage Veino

The Young Women Committee’s purpose is to encourage young women to join and participate in the LWML-NED. Click on the link for news and information especially for the young women of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.

   The New England District LWML is now accepting applications for a Young Woman
 Representative (YWR) to the National LWML Convention in Milwaukee, WI in June 2023.
           (Theme: Celebrate the Lord of the Nations) 

Be on the lookout for young ladies who may enjoy this opportunity to learn more about the LWML and encourage them to apply.

Please click on the links below for more detailed information and the application form.


  • Any mature young woman who is preferably 22-35 years of age and a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod may become a Young Woman Representative to the  LWML National Convention.
  • She shall have a deep love and devotion to her Lord Jesus Christ.
  • She shall be able to be away from home and/or work for the convention.
  • She shall be willing to attend all sessions of the convention, sitting in assigned seating, though she will not be able to vote.

She shall complete the application form and return it to the committee by November 15, 2022. (See application for name and email address to whom it is sent.)


  •  She shall be asked to give a report of her impressions and account of experiences at a district, zone and/or society meeting.
  • She shall commit herself to be active in her LWML society and to encourage others to be a part of her excitement.
  • She may be invited to attend zone and society functions and be open to take part in the programs upon request.
  • The LWML District will cover the cost of registration for the convention, ½ a hotel room, and meals.



Help spread the word to young ladies who would be blessed by serving in this capacity in Milwaukee, WI next June.



Submitted by Sherlene Skov

backpackphotoDuring Vacation Bible School, our children bring in school supplies.  Our LWML group sorts them and adds necessary items.  Our Outreach Committee pays for school back packs, and we assemble the various items and put them in the backpacks.  We take these to our local “Care and Share” where they are distributed to needy families.  Last year, we brought 24 filled back backs to them!

Supplies may include:
Notebooks, spiral notebooks, folders,
Lined paper,
Colored markers, ball point pens, pencils, colored pencils,
Scissors, scotch tape, glue sticks,
Rulers, erasers, paper clips

We started this project about five years ago, and the first time, we brought in ten.  Last year, the Care and Share Organization told us that people had phoned to ask if “the Lutherans” would again be donating school back packs.  They definitely are appreciated!

Mercy Kits Needed for Disaster Victims

Part of the LWML pledge states that we are…

”pledging our willing service wherever and whenever He has need of us.”

Recent tornados and floods around the country have resulted in a barrage of requests for Mercy Kits (also known as Hygiene Kits) for the victims. Your help is needed to replenish the supply of Kits.

Please click on this link to view list of needed items and the address to send them:

This makes an excellent project for all of our societies and churches!