New England District

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Mission Goals and Mission Grants

LWML as an auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, our objective is Mission Education, Mission Inspiration, and Mission Service through financial grants for mission need.


The New England District LWML has a $75.000 Mission Goal for the 2022-2024 biennium. See the 2022-2024 New England Mission Goal and Grants tab for a descriptive list of district grants to be funded.


The national LWML has a $2,350,000 Mission Goal for the 2023-2025 biennium. See the below list of national grants to be funded.

2023–2025 LWML Mission Goal: $2,350,000

2023–2025 Mission Grants

  1. Orphan Grain Train Servant Center — Orphan Grain Train, U.S. $100,000
  2. A Healing Space for At-Risk Children — Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, ND $100,000
  3. Serving God’s Children with Special Needs — Journeys Lutheran School, Milwaukee, WI $100,000
  4. Fortifying Faith in Those with Vision Impairment — Lutheran Braille Workers $100,000
  5. Disaster Response Team — Trinity Lutheran Church, Tyler, TX $50,000
  6. Mobile Kitchen — Forged by Fire Services, Gulf Coast Region, U.S. $85,000
  7. Upheld by God’s Hand, Mental Health Outreach — LCMS Life Ministry $96,500
  8. Expanding Gospel Proclamation Worldwide — Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO $100,000
  9. Equipping Young Leaders — LCMS Youth Ministry $50,000
  10. Set Apart To Serve — LCMS Office of Pastoral Education $100,000
  11. Lutheran Women in Mission Finish the Job — Ministry in Mission, Haiti $85,000
  12. Sharing Christ Crucified with High School Youth — Lutheran High School of Greater New Orleans, LA $35,000
  13. Water and the Word — Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya $80,000
  14. Enhancement of Deaf Ministry and Outreach — Ephphatha Lutheran Mission Society, U.S. $47,000
  15. Feeding Haitian Children Through Gospel and Meals — Trinity HOPE $58,082
  16. Care for Street Children of Western Kenya — Capstone Ministries $50,000
  17. Nurturing Faith for the Aging — Lutheran Ministries Media (Worship Anew) $100,000
  18. Zoe’s Home Support — Zoe’s Home, Trinity Lutheran Church, Clinton, MO $75,000
  19. Tanzania Children’s Homes — Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Africa $74,500
  20. Sharing Christ with Women and Children in Kazakhstan — Lutheran Hour Ministries $100,000
  21. Healthy Together: Healthy Workers, Healthy Church — Luth. Family Services, U.S. $106,000
  22. Expanding Gospel Outreach to Hispanics in U.S. — Lutheran Hour Ministries $100,000
  23. A Legacy of Love for Special Needs Children — Lutheran Special Education Ministries, U.S. $100,000
  24. God’s Word for Central and South American Missions — Lutheran Heritage Foundation $100,000
  25. Bringing God’s Word to India — India Bible Translation Project $100,000
  26. Life Connection Events and Kits — Lutherans for Life $70,000
  27. Siouxland Lutheran Hispanic Ministry — Hope Lutheran, South Sioux City, NE $50,000
  28. Growing Our Place: Care for Special Needs Students — Our Place After School Care, Inc., NE $20,000
  29. Repairs for St. Paul’s Lutheran School — St. Paul Lutheran School, Cullman, AL $50,000
  30. Showering Love on the Least of These —Mercy Holistic Ministry, CA $100,000
  31. PARTIAL Breaking Generational Poverty in Detroit — Camp Restore Detroit, MI $58,988.62