New England District

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Mite Collection Update




LWML–New England District    2022-2024 BIENNIUM MISSION GRANTS

Giving from Our Hearts for Mission

2022 -2024 Mission Goal: $75,000

(This Mission Goal will fund $48,750 for LWML-NED Mission Grants, $18,750 for national LWML Mission Grants and $7,500 for LWML-NED administration.)


We, With God’s Guidance, Begin the Biennium Strong!

 All Praise to God!!!!!!!  

He filled the New England District with such faithful and generous women

Year-To Date Contribution Total LWML-NED LWML-National LWML-NED
Mission Grants Mission Grant Admin. Costs
Prior Month’s Biennium Total $7,905.54 $5,138.60
$1,976.39   $790.56
      Total Collected in May $2,159.04 $1,403.38 $539.76
Total Collected As of 5/31/22 $10,064.58 $6,541.98 $2,516.15   $1,006.46


TOTAL received toward:
  Mission Grant # 1 (Vocational Training in Gbarnga) $5,000 Paid in full!
  Mission Grant #2a Bringing N.H. Families to Christ -Trinity Keene) $600 was received.  
  Mission Grant #2b YWR and Jr. Pastoral Counselor to Natl convention)$2000 of which $941.98 was received.


Please continue to send your mission offerings/”mites” to:

Susan Lastowski,  LWML-NED Treasurer
    PO Box 626
    Holyoke, MA 01041

Remittance Form:  Remittance-Form