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Mite Collection Update




LWML–New England District    2016-2018 BIENNIUM MISSION GRANTS

Giving from Our Hearts for Mission

2016 -2018 Mission Goal: $64,000

(NED Mission Grants $41,600 and National Mission Grants $16,000)

Thanks and All Praise to God!!!!!

Updated 11/6/2017 

We Are, With God’s Guidance, Praying to Finish This Biennium Strong!

LWML-NED Needs to Receive in  Mite Offerings Almost $4,000 a Month to Complete This Mission Goal!

We know that with the Lord’s help the completion of this Mission Goal can be done!

TOTAL received toward 2016-2018 ($64,000) Mission Goal: $47,486.11 
    (This includes the very generous 2016 Retreat Mission Goal Offerings of $2,580.07 and
     an equally generous 2017 Retreat Mission Goal Offering and LWML-NED shopping of $3,647.00)
  Mission Grant #1 (Short Term Mission Scholarships) - $6,000 is paid!!
  Mission Grant #2 (Truck for Central Food Ministry) - $5000 is paid!!!!
  Mission Grant #3 (Gospel Hands V.B.S. for Deaf Children) - $3,000 is paid!!!!
  Mission Grant # 4a (Church Worker Scholarships) - $7,000 is paid!!!!
  Mission Grant # 4b (Hands of Grace) $4,000 is paid!!!! 
  Mission Grant # 5a (Comfort Dog, Lydia) $5000 is fully funded!
  Mission Grant # 5b (Reaching the Unchurched Through a Lutheran School) has a balance of $866.00.                      

Please send your Mites to:

Shirley Schindler LWML NED Treasurer
6 Davis Road
Ellington, CT 06029-3701

Remittance Form: Remittance Form