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LWML–New England District    2016-2018 BIENNIUM MISSION GRANTS

Giving from Our Hearts for Mission

2016 -2018 Mission Goal: $64,000

(NED Mission Grants $41,600 and National Mission Grants $16,000)

Thanks and All Praise to God!!!!!

Updated 3/1/2018 

We Are, With God’s Guidance, Praying to Finish This Biennium Strong!

LWML-NED Needs to Receive in  Mite Offerings Almost $4,262.89 THIS MONTH to Complete This Mission Goal!

We know that with the Lord’s help the completion of this Mission Goal can be done!

Let’s step out in faith together and give generously!

TOTAL received toward 2016-2018 ($64,000) Mission Goal: $59,737.11 
    (This includes the very generous 2016 Retreat Mission Goal Offerings of $2,580.07 and
     an equally generous 2017 Retreat Mission Goal Offering and LWML-NED shopping of $3,647.00)
  Mission Grant #1 (Short Term Mission Scholarships) - $6,000 is paid!!
  Mission Grant #2 (Truck for Central Food Ministry) - $5000 is paid!!!!
  Mission Grant #3 (Gospel Hands V.B.S. for Deaf Children) - $3,000 is paid!!!!
  Mission Grant # 4a (Church Worker Scholarships) - $7,000 is paid!!!!
  Mission Grant # 4b (Hands of Grace) $4,000 is paid!!!! 
  Mission Grant # 5a (Comfort Dog, Lydia) $5000 is paid!
  Mission Grant # 5b (Reaching the Unchurched Through a Lutheran School) $5000 is paid!
  Mission Grant # 6a (Christ's Care for Children: Kenya) - $1080 is paid!
  Mission Grant # 6b (Veterans of the Cross) - $2,000 is Paid
  Mission Grant # 7  YWR & Jr Counselor to National LWML Convention - $2000 has a balance of $749.14 

Mission Grants that LWML-NED women chose and as yet to be fully funded by March 31st :

#7    YWR & Junior Pastoral Counselor to National LWML Convention                         LWML-NED          $2,000        To provide funding for the LWML-NED Young Women Representative and the Junior Pastoral Counselor to attend the National LWML Convention

#8    Operation Barnabas for Comfort Dog Congregations        Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod     $1,000         Congregations with a Comfort Dog will be enabled to expand their reach to meet the needs of veterans and their families who are in a period of critical adjustment.

#9a      Children’s Fund             First Lutheran Church, Holyoke, MA             $357.25         Donated funds to help offset tuition fees for those families who need financial aid

#9b     Ft. Wayne Seminary Food Co-op Assistance    Ft. Wayne Seminary  $162.75        The co-op provides perishable food items, such as milk. Cheese, fruits, vegetables, and ground beef, to students who are preparing to serve God as pastors, deaconesses, and missionaries.

Please send your mission offerings/”mites” to:

Shirley Schindler LWML-NED Treasurer
6 Davis Road
Ellington, CT 06029-3701

Remittance Form: Remittance Form