New England District

Lutheran Women's Missionary League


2024 LWML-NED Convention

April 26-27,2024

Marriott Hotel

Trumbull, CT



Theme: Songs in the Night

Theme Bible verse: “Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night.”  Job 35:10


Keynote Speaker:  Katie Schuermann, an author, speaker, and musician.

Topic:  Pew Sisters:  Let’s gather and celebrate our true sisterhood – our pew sisterhood – and discuss what it means to be a woman in the church.

Focus Forum Leaders:

Katie Schuermann

  • Topic: When God’s People Suffer:  Why do bad things happen to Christians?  Let’s talk

about what life looks like when lived under the cross of Christ.

Rev. Gregory Wismar

  • Topic:  Eternal Anthems: Stories of our well-loved hymns

Rev. James Krikava – Associate Executive Director of the LCMS Office of International Mission

  • Topic: LCMS Mission Work

LWML National Representative – Vice President of Communications Kathy Pavelock

  • Topic: LWML Mission Work and Resources

Gail Clayton, RN

  • Topic:  Parish Nursing

Bible Study Leader:

Rev. Nathan Erb of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Trumbull, CT

Gifts from the Heart:  Birthright of Danbury.  Items needed:  Diapers and onesies (size newborn, (0-3, 3-6 months), receiving blankets, infant towels and washcloths, baby shampoo, baby powder, baby bottles and Walmart gift cards.

2024 Convention Flyer (1)

2024 Convention Registration Form and General Release


11:00 am       Registration opens
 1:00 pm.      Convention begins
 1:00-4:45     Business session – reports and voting
 4:45-5:30     First Focus Forum (breakout session)
 6:00          Banquet dinner
 7:00          Keynote speaker: Katie Schuermann
 8:00          Entertainment: Katie Schuermann
 8:30-8:45     Evening Devotions

7:30 am        Breakfast
8:30           Devotions
8:40-9:25      Bible study part 1
9:25-10:00     Business session
10:00-10:45    Second Focus Forum (breakout session)
11:00-11:45    Third Focus Forum (breakout session)
12:00          Lunch
1:00-1:45      Bible Study part 2
1:45-3:00      Business session
3:00           Closing

Proposed Mission Projects for 2024-2026

The Proposed Mission Goal is $82,000. Delegates may vote for up to 8 Mission Grants.

  1. Pads and Pencils Project – Gbarnga Mission, Liberia – $5,000

For many girls in developing countries, menstruation often comes as a ticking clock that marks the beginning of the end of their education. The primary goal of this project is to keep girls who are menstruating in school – and learning with their peers – by empowering them with supplies that offer affordable, dignified, and hygienic solutions. The use of reusable, washable cloth sanitary pads has proven to be an effective solution for enabling girls to confidently attend class without interruption.

  1. Food Co-op to Purchase Food – Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN – $2,000

The purpose of this project is to ease the financial burden to future pastors, deaconesses, and their families while at the seminary preparing for full-time church work – by providing groceries at no cost to them during their time at CTSFW. We are able to provide up to 80-90% of their grocery needs including fruit, milk, produce, eggs, as well as diapers, wipes, paper towels, etc.

  1. Ministering Out of Visual Darkness in Ghana – Lutheran Braille Workers, Ghana – $2,500

A pastor in Ghana has requested Braille and Specialized large print ministry materials for use by individuals experiencing blindness/visual impairment in over 25 communities. Fulfilling this order will give spiritual comfort and guidance to individuals who are blind or visually impaired in Ghana, engage volunteers in this ministry to serve others, and maintain a strong relationship with those who are ministering in the mission field. While individuals experiencing blindness or visual impairment in Africa face societal challenges, the opportunity to foster a culture of literacy acceptance, and empowerment in the Church can be developed through the distribution of these Bibles and other Christian materials.

  1. How Can I Understand? Lutheran Books for Southeast Asia – Lutheran Heritage Foundation – $2,500

In the Buddhist stronghold of Southeast Asia, introducing the Christian faith is a difficult task, due to pressure from family and even persecution. However, LHF translators have found that younger people are more open to learning about Christianity. As seeds of the Gospel take root throughout SE Asia and among US immigrants, new needs have arisen for the books of the Lutheran Faith in the people’s own heart languages. With LWML help, LHF stands ready to answer this call. For only $5/book, 500 books can be provided through our grant of $2,500.

  1. Bible Translation – Lutheran Bible Translators – $1,000

Money is needed for translation work around the world. As an RSO of the LCMS, Lutheran Bible Translators is extending the mission of synod by Bible translation work in 132 languages with no existing viable Scripture access. Grant money will be used to help translate chapters of Scripture. The average cost of translating one chapter is $1000. This grant proposal will fund 1 chapter of Scripture for a language community that is waiting for God’s Word.

  1. New Beginnings – Lutheran Church of Madison, Madison, CT – $3,000

This project seeks to more readily attract church goers within our town by investing in the beautification and modernization of the church’s appearance. To do this, we seek funds to purchase and place furniture for a sitting area in the entryway; to purchase plants and flowers to provide a reviewed feeling of growth and vitality, purchase Christian wall art to inspire and information boards to proudly share/display all of our exciting services, events and activities.

  1. Supporting LCMS Missionaries in the Field – Mission Central, LCMS Office of International and National Mission, Iowa – $1,000

Today, official LCMS missionaries and mercy workers are funded entirely through the designated donations of God’s people who choose to give specifically for that purpose. Gifts support or enhance the projects and programs of our international mission teams as they work with specific people groups and strengthen LCMS partner churches around the world. Each gift is directed to where it will have the greatest impact at the time it is received to plant, strengthen, and sustain Christ’s church as it gives witness to Him among people in other countries.

  1. Groceries and Gospel – Hands of Grace, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, New Hartford, CT – $4,500

The purpose of this project is to provide those in need with food and printed materials we pray will foster a devotional life for them. This project will help keep healthy food on our shelves and allow us to continue to provide quality materials of bibles, devotions, and pamphlets.

  1. Educating Lutherans and Proclaiming God’s Word Around the World – Issues, Etc. – $1,000

Issues, Etc. is a ten-hour weekly syndicated radio talk show/podcast. The program features expert guests in theology, Biblical interpretation, Christian apologetics, ethics, philosophy, law, and culture. Sponsorship allows us to proclaim God’s Word around the world. Programming includes podcasts on the 1-year and 3-year lectionary, Sunday

School lessons, Bible studies (the Word of the Lord Endures Forever), morning chapel from Kramer Chapel at

Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, 24/7 sacred music, podcasts on contemporary issues and much more. The program is hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken; produced by Lutheran Public Radio, Inc. Collinsville, IL.

  1. Short Term Mission Scholarships – LWML-NED – $2,000

To provide scholarships to members of LCMS-NED congregations embarking on Short Term Mission Trips.

  1. Living Stones Homeschool Cooperative (LSHC) – Redeemer Lutheran Church, Gorham, ME – $1,115

Redeemer Lutheran Church added LSHC to their ministry efforts. On Wednesdays during the school year, 22 children will be at Redeemer. To make it a safe, productive environment, there are certain things needed to allow this ministry to grow. Funding will help include necessary things such as background checks, proper first aid kit, and children’s hymnals.

  1. Expanding Gospel Proclamation Worldwide – Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO – $2,500

Concordia Seminary is seeking a mission grant of $2,500 to help support the education costs of our international students. The purpose of our ongoing acceptance and formation of highly qualified global students is to further the Great Commission. When these international students earn their theological degrees, they can take on significant church leadership roles. While some of the Seminary’s international students may receive support from their home countries’ church bodies, it tends to be minimal. Thankfully, Concordia Seminary receives annual financial contributions from individuals, LCMS congregations and other organizations such as the LWML that support this important initiative. However, these funds fall well short of covering the total cost of these students’ advanced-level education. Support for international students is an important ongoing Seminary funding need.

  1. Lutheran Seminarians for Haiti’s Future – Ministry in Mission, Haiti – $2,500

The purpose of this grant is to subsidize the seminary education offered by Concordia the Reformer Seminary in

Palmar Arriba, Santiago, Dominican Republic, in partnership with Rev. Ted Krey, the regional director for the Latin America and the Caribbean region of LCMS, for Haitian men desiring to serve existing churches and to plant new churches in Haiti. The need is crucial at this time as current pastoral leadership in Haiti is aging and available seminary courses are sporadic. The goal is to secure the future of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti so that the Good News can be proclaimed in this hurting country.

  1. Unequally Yoked Workshop – Poblo International, New England District – $2,500

The number of young American women who convert to Islam in colleges and universities has increased from 19,000 to 21,500 per year. The mission of this project is to educate and equip the leadership, congregations and especially college-aged young women of New England District with a better understanding of the falsehoods and half-truths pervasive throughout the Islamic doctrine regarding its views on women and marital relationships in order to prevent young American women from being wooed away from the Christian faith by Muslim men on college campuses for the purposes of conversion to proliferate Islam in America. The workshops and training kits provide information on various topics, including how Islam views women, marriage, adultery, divorce, rape, domestic violence, and modesty.

  1. Bethel Oromo Lutheran Church – Boston, MA – $5,000

Bethel Oromo Lutheran Church is a newly emerging congregation that is reaching gospel to the Oromo (region in Ethiopia) people residing in Boston and the surrounding cities. The first-generation immigrants love to worship in their own language which is Afan Oromo. Currently needs include support for the pastor, specific musical instruments, and training on these instruments.

  1. Ministry of Early Childhood – Immanuel Lutheran School, Bristol, CT – $5,000

The mission of our toddler and infant program is to provide a loving environment of academic excellence for children while developing in them and their families a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. We want our programs to be furnished with the necessary equipment and educational materials needed to provide a safe and quality learning program for our community, as we share the love of Jesus. Funds will be used to purchase the equipment and educational materials required.

  1. Our Savior Return to Shephard of the Valley of Navajo (SOTV), NM – Our Savior Lutheran Church, Topsfield, MA for the Navajo Nation, NM – $2,000

SOTV is an LCMS mission church. Our Savior Lutheran Church and other short-term missionaries send individuals and teams to help spread the gospel to the people of the Navajo nation. While there, they feed 60-80 people, 1-2 times/day as well as Sunday community meals and feedings during VBS. In addition, building improvements are needed. Funding would be used to make a safe building for the missionary teams and continue to provide food to the community.

  1. Freezer Friends – Our Savior Lutheran Church, Topsfield, MA – $1,000

OSLC is starting a Freezer Friend program. There will be monthly gatherings to prepare vegan and meat meals to be frozen along with cookies and Sunday School made cards. Anyone can pick up the frozen meals and take them to someone who is sick, just moved, had a new baby or could just use a good meal. Funds will be used to buy special containers to meet state health requirements; do minor updates to the kitchen and purchase ingredients. Goal: spread the gospel and feed the people in times of sorrow, struggle, change or joy.

  1. FLC Peer Fellows Pilot Program – First Lutheran Church of Boston – $5,000

The goal of the peer fellows is to meet students where they are, on campuses, and have a dependable presence on campuses to bring the Gospel to those who would not otherwise hear it. They will foster relationships with students through the Word and be in a position to encourage further teachings or attendance at Divine Services. They will be trained and discipled by FLC’s director of young adult ministry and encouraged for ongoing ministry and leadership within the church. Funds will be used for the Peer Fellows stipends of $300/month. Once the program has proved effective, a donor will support the program.

  1. Give a Chance to Learn Christ’s Love – Immanuel Lutheran School, Danbury, CT – $5,000

The Immanuel Lutheran School, Danbury has had many families that want to attend Immanuel but are unable to do so because of tuition cost of $7,000/year. Funds would be used to offer “reduced tuitions” to several students allowing them to attend school in a loving/safe Christian environment.

  1. Sanford, Maine, Preaching Station – Redeemer Lutheran Church, Gorham, ME – $5,000

The Sanford Preaching Station started in 2019 in borrowed space with a handful of members. It grew quicky however the pandemic caused a decline in participation and hampered outreach. With Saturday divine services, Bible studies and fellowship opportunities, the hope is to see growth again. Designated site funding from the congregation has reached 50% of total costs. This grant would bridge 2024 as the needed secretarial position is reestablished.

  1. Christ in Their Homes – Open Arms Christian Preschool, Bedford, MA – $1,500

Over 90% of the students in our preschool come from the community and are not members of our congregation; many have no church home. This grant would allow us to purchase Bibles and Bible story books to give to the students to keep and use in their homes and share the lessons we learn about Jesus in school with their families. Funding would allow the school to purchase Bibles and books for two years, gifting approximately 35 families with resources to bring the love of Jesus into their homes.

  1. Elaina’s Lift – Christ Lutheran Church, Amston, CT – $1,500

Elaina’s Lift is a form of vertical transportation between the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall floors. It will allow all people with limited mobility access to all areas of the church building. Having a lift transforms previously difficult to reach and/or inaccessible places into places open to people of every mobility and provides freedom to move around with ease. We want all of God’s people not to feel deterred or discouraged about facing obstacles when entering or moving around the building. The cost to install is $40,000 with ~$25,000 received. This grant will help to close the gap in funding the lift.

  1. Capstone Ministries – Escalon, CA – $2,500

Capstone Ministries has been working to reconcile street children in Western Kenya since 2005. As an RSO of the LCMS, Capstone has reconciled 710 street children to date, educated more than 100 in secondary school, had 7 graduate from university and established Capstone Camp (annual week-long camp as spiritual renewal for newly reconciled boys) and has 20 ongoing small group Bible studies for parents of reconciled children. Capstone is led by Dan & Patty Schmelzer. In Kenya, Capstone is led by Pastor Isaiah Apiyo, an ordained Lutheran Pastor.

Proposed Mission Projects

Young Woman Representative

The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) of the New England District (NED) is now accepting 
applications for zone Young Woman Representatives (YWRs) to the LWML-NED Convention in Trumbull, 
CT, from April 26-27, 2024.

Be on the lookout for young ladies who may enjoy this opportunity to learn more about the LWML and encourage them to apply.

Please click on the links below for more detailed information and the application form.

  • A mature young woman who is preferably 22-35 years of age
  • A member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  • She shall have a deep love and devotion to her Lord Jesus Christ.
  • She shall be able to be away from home and/or work for the convention.
  • She shall be willing to attend all sessions of the convention, sitting in assigned seating, though she will not be able to vote.

She shall complete the application form and return it to the committee by March 1, 2024. (See application for name and email address to whom it is sent.)


  •  She shall be asked to give a report of her impressions and account of experiences at a district, zone and/or society meeting.
  • She shall commit herself to be active in her LWML society and to encourage others to be a part of her excitement.
  • She may be invited to attend zone and society functions and be open to take part in the programs upon request.
  • The LWML District will cover the cost of registration for the convention, ½ a hotel room, and meals.




2025  LWML Convention

Omaha, NE, June 26-29, 2025