New England District

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

2018/20 Mission Goal and Mission Grants

LWML–New England District  2018 -2020 BIENNIUM MISSION GRANTS


2018 -2020Mission Goal:  $70,000

                   (NED Mission Grants $45,500 and National Mission Grants $17,500

Thanks, and All Praise to God!!!!!


In the order in which these mission projects will be funded

#1           Keep a Baby Warm and Safe                          Central Connecticut Lutherans for Life                    $1,575

To provide blankets, coats, sweaters, etc. for newborns. These are given to parents of newborns whose families are struggling financially.


#2           Trinity Lutheran Preschool                       Trinity Lutheran, Ashaway, RI                                   $1,200

An outreach mission of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ashaway, RI.  The preschool needs electronic devices and

enrichment opportunities for their educational programing.


 #3          Open Arms Preschool Flooding Remediation     Lutheran Church of the Savior; Bedford, MA          $5,000

Lutheran Church of the Savior suffered from the effects of significant water intrusion and resulting mold to much of

its building two years ago.   It is clean and dry but needs drywall replacement.


#4a         The Bridge                                                    Our Savior Lutheran; South Windsor, CT                $2,500

The Bridge is modeled after the very successful Hands of Grace in New Hartford, CT.  The main objective is to share the Good News of Jesus and inspire hope through Him.  This grant will be used to fund fiscal management and work life training for The Bridge volunteers; to provide computers, printers, and supplies when needed for clients to prepare resumes.


#4b         Foster Love                                                   Messiah Lutheran; Lynnfield, MA                          $5,000

This program will provide the necessities for the children going into a Foster Care situation when DCF (Department of Children and Families) places a child and the child has little or no clothing, personal care items, car seats, etc.


#4c          Short Term Mission Scholarships                      LWML-NED                                                         $6,000

To provide scholarships to members of LCMS-NED congregations embarking on Short Term Mission Trips


#5a         AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for Church & School                                                      $1750

                                                                                          First Lutheran Church, Holyoke, MA

The school is now required by law to have an AED on site.  This will also be an important safety measure the church has wanted to purchase for the protection of the aging members in their congregation.


#5b         Church Worker Scholarships                             LWML-NED                                                         $7,000

To provide scholarships to students from the New England District attending LCMS colleges and seminaries in preparation to become pastors, teachers and other church workers.


#6           Seminary Distance Education                      LCMS-NED                                                              $5,000

The New England District is focused on starting new LCMS churches.  Some new churches will need new pastors and deaconesses, who will receive Seminary Distance Education through St. Louis or Ft. Wayne seminaries.   This grant will help reduce the financial burden for future church workers and their families and will help start new ministries in New England.


#7           Little Blessings Daycare/Preschool: Architectural/Interior Design Services                                    $4,400

Trinity Lutheran, W. Roxbury, MA

This Daycare/Preschool is flourishing, and they find themselves strapped for space, with no permanent classroom for the childcare center or space that can be used as an evangelistic center.   


#8           Free Medical Check-ups and Eye Screening in Rural India                                                        $3,000

Lutheran Hour Ministries

Lutheran Hour Ministries is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus by helping the poor in India with free medical check-ups and eye screening.


#9           LCMS Missionary Expenses                              LCMS Mission Central                                          $3,075

Grant money will be used for flights to and from the mission field where they serve, etc.


Printable copy of the 2018-2012 LWML-NED Mission Goal and Grants:  2018-2020 LWML-NED Mission Grants 2018 edited