New England District

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

2016/18 Mission Goal and Mission Grants

LWML–New England District 2016-2018 BIENNIUM MISSION GRANTS


Giving from Our Hearts for Mission 2016 -2018 Mission Goal: $64,000

(NED Mission Grants $41,600 and National Mission Grants $16,000)

Thanks and All Praise to God!!!!!

In the order in which these mission projects will be funded

#1           Short Term Mission Scholarships               LWML-NED                 $6,000

To provide scholarships to members of LCMS-NED congregations embarking on Short Term Mission Trips

#2           Central Food Ministry: Pickup and Delivery Truck            LWML-NED                 $5,000

A mission outreach of the Lutheran Church of the Savior; Bedford, MA, and is a large food pantries serving the Greater Lowell urban area, serving more than 1300 individuals a month.  A used box truck would assist in transporting 8 tons of food per week.

#3          Gospel Hands Vacation Bible School (VBS) for Deaf Children        New Hartford, CT            $3,000

This program will allow Lutheran Friends of the Deaf to work with local congregations in Connecticut and Massachusetts to offer educational programs in American Sign Language so that more children will come to know Jesus Christ and receive saving faith.

#4a         Church Worker Scholarships                                                       LWML-NED                 $7,000

To provide scholarships to students from the New England District attending LCMS colleges and seminaries in preparation to become pastors, teachers and other church workers

#4b       Hands of Grace                                                                          New Hartford, CT            $4,000

Hands of Grace works to meet the basic needs of individual families experiencing a temporary financial crisis.  They provide food, clothing, and household items at no charge to their clients.  This grant will be used to purchase enough food, through the Connecticut Food Bank, to distribute for three months.

#5a       Comfort Dog Lydia                                    Messiah Lutheran Church (Lynnfield, MA)           $5,000 

This church supports a Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog (Lydia).  Money is needed to supplement the emergency fund for Lydia to respond to disasters as they may arise.  Also, funding is needed to provide Lutheran Early Response Training (LERT) to her team of handlers and to prepare and certify them to respond if called to a disaster site.

 #5b       Reaching the Unchurched Through a Lutheran School  Immanuel Lutheran School; Bristol, CT   $5,000

Immanuel Lutheran School is located in one of the most economically stressed sections of Bristol, CT, and many families in the surrounding area are prevented from sending their children because they cannot afford it.  This grant would provide financial assistance that would allow us to accept some children at a reduced cost to their families.

 #6a       Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya                  Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod           $1,080

Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya gives vulnerable children the opportunity to successfully complete school while living at a home away from home which provides a Christ-centered, loving, caring, and safe environment in which each pupil is afforded daily opportunities for Scripture engagement, catechesis, and worship.

 #6b        Veterans of the Cross                                      Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod         $2,000

Veterans of the Cross provides small, periodic stipends and pastoral care for church work retirees (or their surviving spouses) who struggle to pay for basic living expenses, such as medicine or utility bills.

#7          YWR & Jr. Pastoral Counselor to National LWML Convention                             LWML-NED    $2,000

To provide funding for the LWML-NED Young Women Representative and the Junior Pastoral Counselor to attend the National LWML Convention

#8         Operation Barnabas for Comfort Dog Congregations    Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod     $1,000

Congregations with a Comfort Dog will be enabled to expand their reach to meet the needs of veterans and their families who are in a period of critical adjustment.

#9a             Children’s Fund                                 First Lutheran Church, Holyoke, MA                      $357.25

Donated funds to help offset tuition fees for those families who need financial aid

#9b        Ft. Wayne Seminary Food Co-op Assistance               Ft. Wayne Seminary               $162.75

The co-op provides perishable food items, such as milk. Cheese, fruits, vegetables, and ground beef, to students who are preparing to serve God as pastors, deaconesses, and missionaries.

Printable copy of the 2016-2018 LWML-NED Mission Goal and Grants: 2016-2018 LWML-NED Mission Grants