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January 1, 2017

Dear Mite Collecting, Prayer Warrior Sisters in Christ,

It’s official. It feels like a new year — this is the first I’ve written “2017.”

I’ll be another year older. Sure, there are more aches and pains. Sure, there are headaches of other varieties. Yes, there is uncertainty and turmoil in the world. Yes, my life could follow the plans that I have in mind, and I’d feel more ‘in control’.

Who am I kidding? I’m glad I’m not in charge!  Instead, I’m happy to be right here, in this time and place, where God has placed me, hopefully using my gifts for His purpose.  His plans are SO much more than I could ever imagine.

Look where we are! This is 2017!  This is the 75th anniversary of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League!

Who, but God, could have planned in 1942 for our beloved LWML, that
•    we’d have more than a million members!
•    we’d donate more than $74 million through 385 national mission grants;
•    using just the 25% of our mites that goes to national; and that
•    we’d donate at least another $222 million for local mission grants!!!

More importantly than dollars and cents, the LWML mission is
to assist each woman of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in affirming her relationship with the Triune God so that she is enabled to use her gifts in ministry to the people of the world.

We strive to meet our mission through focusing on the Word, missions, service and fellowship.

We have many excellent resources on the LWML web site at If your friend doesn’t use a computer, consider printing and forwarding the daily Mustard Seed devotions or twice-monthly Two-Minute Tuesday features, or let her know of the free devotions, skits, and crafts that you can help her find.

We’ll be celebrating our 75th anniversary at the 37th Biennial Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico from June 22nd through June 25th, under the theme “Jesus Christ Above All” based on Philippians 2:9

Are you thinking about attending? It’s going to be GREAT! Send me a note!

A blessed New Year to you all,

President, LWML-NED , email:


Please Send Mites to: Shirley Schindler

LWML-NED Treasurer

6 Davis Road

Ellington, CT 06029-3701


How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?” Romans 10:14-15

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