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Lutheran Women's Missionary League


LWML_Regional_Primary - New England District

LWML-NED Convention Election Results

( We safely conventioned in our homes via mail! )


We had 87 ladies eligible to vote on the
 2020-2022 LWML-NED  Mission Goal, the
 2020-2022 Mission Grants, and the 
LWML-NED Board of Directors positions.

The voting body included:

  • 19 Voting Board of Directors Members
  • Eastern Zone: 16 Delegates (8 churches)
  • Koinonia Zone: 9 Delegates (5 churches)
  • Mountain Laurel Zone: 12 Delegates (7 churches)
  • Mid Valley Zone: 12 Delegates (8 churches)
  • Northern Zone: 15 Delegates (8 churches)
  • 4 Voting Past LWML-NED Presidents

The voting materials and ballots were mailed to the voting body on April 24, 2020.  All completed ballots were to be received by May14th.

The Eastern Zone (Convention Hosts) Convention Tellers  tallied the ballots on  Saturday, May 16th.


We received 79 ballots returned by Saturday May 16th. We thank God for remaining a constant through this time of change.
Mission Goal: 74 in favor, 2 opposed, 3 blanks. The Recommendation has passed.

The 2020-2022 LWML-NED Mission Goal is $71,000.  

$46,150 for LWML-NED Mission Projects 
$17,750 for national LWML Mission Projects
$7,100 for LWML-NED Administration.

President: Sharon Dever 44 votes, Jennifer Gierke 34 votes, 1 blank.

Sharon Dever has been elected President.

VP Organizational Resources: Cindy Zattich 79 votes.

Cindy Zattich has been elected VP of Organizational Resources.

VP Special Focus Ministries: Deaconess Tiffany Manor 77 votes, 2 blanks.

Deaconess Tiffany Manor has been elected VP of Special Focus Ministries.

Junior Pastoral Counselor:  Reverend Ed Harkey 79 votes.

Reverend Ed Harkey has been elected Junior Pastoral Counselor.

Nominating Committee: Leslie Colligan 28 votes, Priscilla Keurulainen 29 votes, Ruth Scheumann 23 votes, 2 blank.

Priscilla Keurulainen received the most votes and has been elected Chair of the Nominating Committee with Leslie and Ruth on her committee.


 Mission Project Results:

A . At Just the Right Time: 39 votes
B. Capstone Education Fund: 42 Votes
C. Caring for Haitian Saints: 28 votes
D. CTS CO-OP Assistance: 52 votes
E. Feed My Faith: 52 votes
F. Lydia Comfort Dog: 53 votes
G. NED-LCMS Short Term Mission Trips: 51 votes
H. Orphan Grain Train, New England: 68 votes
I. Prodigal Ministry: 32 votes
J. Reach Me! Teach Me!: 58 votes
K. Support Concordia Seminary: 31 votes
L. Support Missionaries, Ghana: 35 votes
M. Training Leaders in Israel: 20 votes
N. Trinity Lutheran Preschool: 55 votes
Blanks: 16
(This makes the total: 79 times 8 = 632 total votes.)
We elected to allocate $46,150 to LWML-NED Mission projects.
These are the mission grants in the order that they will be
 paid this biennium, by the grace of God.

#1 Orphan Grain Train, New England  $5000
#2 Reach Me! Teach Me!  $5000
#3 Trinity Lutheran Preschool  $1200
#4 Lydia Comfort Dog $5000
#5a CTS CO-OP $2500
#5b Feed My Faith $1000
#6 Short Term Mission Trips $6000
#7 Capstone Education Fund $5000
#8 At Just the Right Time $3500
#9 Support to Missionaries in Ghana $5000
#10 Prodigal Ministry $2000
#11 Concordia Seminary $3000
#12 Caring for Haitian Saints $1950 (partial)

2020 Mission Grant Flyer: LWML-NED_Mission Grants_2020-2022
 I am happy to answer any questions.
Barbara Lis
 LWML-NED, Past President



Serving the Lord with gladness,

Sharon Dever, LWML-NED President




You are invited to

the “Let there Be Light Celebration”  this Summer!

             (In this shut-down world doesn’t that title say it all.  It has a special meaning this year!  Dear Lord, Let there be Light!  The date is to be announced later!

Please Send Your Convention Mission Offerings and Mites to:

          Susan Lastowski, LWML-NED Treasurer

           PO Box 626

          Holyoke, MA 01041

Convention Manual Materials:

Letter from LWML President Debbie Larson: New-England-Presidents-Convention-Letter-2020

2020-2022 Proposed Mission Goal and Mission Grants: 2020_Slate Of Mission Projects

LWML-NED Candidates for Offices: 2020_Slate of Candidates

LWML-NED Board of Directors’ Report:LWML-NED_BOD_Report_2020-04-25

Zone Reports:

        Eastern Zone: Eastern Zone 2020 Convention Report

        Koinonia Zone: Koinonia Zone 2020 Convention Report

        Mid Valley Zone:

        Mt Laurel Zone:

        Northern Zone: Northern Zone 2020 Convention Repot

Committee Reports:

       Christian Life:2020 Christian Life

        Gospel Outreach:

        Special Focus Ministries:  2020 Special Focus Ministries

        Organizational Resources: 2020 Organizational Resources

        Communications: 2020 Communucations

        Counselors: 2020 Counselors Report

LWML Reports:

        2020 Report to the Districts: 2020-Report-to-the-Districts

        Speaker Flyer: SpeakerFlyerCarol-LindaDistricts2020

        President’s Report to the Districts —  video 


Please Send Mites to:

 Susan Lastowski, LWML-NED Treasurer    
    PO Box 626
    Holyoke, MA 01041


How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?” Romans 10:14-15

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